Why we are organizing

For the past 56 years, Washingtonian has been a vital authority on the DC region. We, the Washingtonian staff, have been deeply committed to that mission throughout the pandemic, publishing essential updates about Covid-19, covering protests in the streets, and producing the website’s most-read stories ever—all while continuing to create the monthly print magazine that our readers have counted on for decades.

As editors, writers, and creatives, we know that the strength of Washingtonian is the strength of its staff. That’s why we are joining together to form a union. 

During a year of turmoil in our industry and around the world, we’ve come together with a renewed sense of solidarity and determination to ensure that every member of our team feels they have a voice. We care too deeply about Washingtonian and the future of our industry not to have a say in the decisions that shape them. Forming a union allows us to advocate for fair compensation, a healthy office culture, and a diverse and inclusive newsroom that reflects the community we serve.

We are unionizing with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, joining the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, Foreign Policy, and many others. We are excited to be a part of the growing number of media organizations that have unionized over the past few years and look forward to helping find ways for our industry to navigate its challenges. Voluntary recognition of our union will signal a unified commitment to shaping our future together. Collectively, we can ensure that Washingtonian will thrive for the next 56 years and beyond.

For our staff. For our magazine. For our readers.

How you can help

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